About PMK Blinds & Floors

Our company

PMK Blinds and Floors was established in 2002 by two dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic individuals whom are innovative, goal driven and result orientated and complies with the government’s BEE codes as this company is 100% black owned and managed.

Why Us

PMK Blinds and floors provides high-quality products and offers outstanding installation services to both residential and commercial clients including government departments at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves with our exceptional customer and superior workmanship. If you are looking for the best, quick and seamless flooring experience possible, PMK blinds and floors is the best service provider for you.

We believe the key to our success is through our dedication to offer exceptional customer service and establishing long lasting relationships with our customers.

Our experienced staff is always ready to assist in ensuring that we complete your flooring projects to your satisfaction.


The company’s vision is to be a dynamic outlet for office and home window dressing and floor coverings. PMK Blinds and Floors is synonymous with quality, value, excellence, and leadership. As a company we always aim to provide efficient and effective service, using a combination of trained and experienced personnel.

  • To become the sole choice of a service provider and also embark on providing exceptional quality service.
  • To provide a high standard of style and products
  • To consistently exceed client’s expectations in the products and service provided.
  • To operate within the supplier specifications and retain the level of exclusivity that is associated with the brands.
Our products and services are:
  • Carpets
  • Sanding and sealing
  • Blinds
  • Skirting (Manufacturing, sales and installation)
  • Vinyl flooring (LVT. Vinyl sheeting)
  • Ceramic tiles installation
  • Laminated floors
Company Values

PMK Blinds and floors is a values-based organisation. This means we use values to define and identify a preferred behaviour practice that all our staff members adhere to. Supporting this goal is the following five key values on how we do business.

  • Integrity: to practice honesty and trustworthiness in all aspects of the business;
  • Simplicity: making it easy for customers and suppliers to do business with the company.
  • Innovation: an attitude of continuous improvements by going further and doing more to meet and exceed the expectations of customers;
  • Friendliness: courtesy and respect will govern all interactions.
  • Honesty – We earn people’s trust by being honest, respectful and ethical in all our interactions
  • Achieve 110% customer satisfaction in all aspects of service delivery;
  • Deliver exceptional service to the best of our ability;
  • Offer value for money to our clients.

Development Impact

PMK Blinds and floors is a 100% black-owned and managed company that takes diversity very seriously.

As a black-owned company, we strive to contribute to the market through providing excellent service and products to our clients, as well as meeting all our client’s needs.

Flooring is what we do. It’s what we know better than anyone — it’s what we do better than anyone.

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