Games Room Flooring Ideas

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June 10, 2019

Games Room Flooring Ideas

Most people don’t give their flooring the time of day.

Many see it as the surface beneath their feet and the ground that doesn’t get more than a passing thought. This is where and why so many people go wrong with their flooring options. The right flooring, or the wrong flooring, will make or break your games room.

A games room is a great feature to any home.

It’s a place for you to hang out and do your sports or entertainment thing with friends and family. Table tennis, snooker, darts, indoor frisbee, even yoga or pilates! Getting the right balance on the floor will be the difference between a floor that echoes noise through the house and a room that you can close off from the outside world. Let’s face it, what goes on inside the games room usually has loud noises from cheering on your favorite team to enjoying your favorite activity.

Like the flooring in any room, it really depends on the purpose of the games room. Is it going to be a man cave for watching sports, kids hangout room or a dance studio. What sort of games or activities will be going in there? How will the décor of the room be affected by the flooring?

If you’re looking for comfort and room that oozes cosiness and radiates a dark, cool and fun look, a Kornoswiss Laminate Flooring can be a good option.

This laminate flooring looks like a natural hard floor option yet is softer underfoot and is certainly budget friendly.. The best part about Kornoswiss Laminate Flooring in a games room is that it is easy to clean and low maintenance, while giving you a classy rugged, naturally sleek look. This makes it perfect for a games room where you want a hassle free no mess easy clean once the night having friends over to watch the footy, cricket, rugby or golf has ended.

If you’re searching for that classic, sleek and elegant rustic type of look in the games room, timber flooring options provide a very easy on the eye look. While traditional timber flooring options are at the upper end of the price bracket for flooring, you may be best to consider an FinFloor Laminate Flooring. manufactured from 100% wood waste impregnated with a resin. The décor layer is a photographic applique onto paper with an aluminium oxide overlay applied as the wear layer. This laminate manufacturing technique is used to replicate solid wood (and sometimes natural stones) for a product that costs a fraction of the price of real wood. It has grown to become one of the most popular materials for home and office flooring in recent years. Yes, we know that boys tend to get rowdy and spill their drinks and food on the floor while enjoying their entertainment in a games room!

Before you go and think about the types of games room flooring you want.

Do a little bit of research by talking to one of the friendly experts at your nearest PMK Blinds & Floors. Our staff have hands on flooring experience and can answer your all your questions. They will help ask you questions you may not have considered. Are you trying to create a space that your children can entertain in that requires additional safety? Is it for the adults and going to include a drinks bar in which case you’ll need a floor that reduces slipping and helps with a wet area? These are just some of the questions our friendly team at your local PMK Blinds & Floors store can answer for you.

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